Wx Station ID: KCATOPAN8, DW2363
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About 69BRAVO

69 Bravo has become a unique asset to the firefighting ability of the Los Angeles County Fire Department (L.A.Co.F.D) for the mountain communities of Santa Monica, Topanga Canyon and Malibu.

The site sits high atop the Santa Monica mountain range with 2 mountain tops covering 34 acres 2400 feet above the Topanga and Malibu mountains. The site provides 360 degree, unobstructed views that stretch clear across the Santa Monica and Malibu hills and beyond. On clear days you can easily see from the Banning pass to the east to Ventura County toward the west. From the San Bernandino mountains south to Oceanside and beyond.

The Helistop provides emergency service resources 24 hour per day, seven days per week and 365 a year including:

  • Two helipads with a landing/approach windsock and lighting
  • Eight fire hydrants along the property perimeter
  • A water well
  • Water well that serves to…
  • Two, separate 6000 gallon pumpkins for helicopter water extract by firefighting helicopters.
  • 10,000 gallon water tank which serves to maintain water in the pumpkins
  • A 6″ streamer providing over 1,400 gallons of water per minute
  • Multiple access points to the property for emergency service vehicles – police, Highway Patrol, fire, rescue, paramedics, etc.
  • Line of sight to almost all of Los Angeles County which allows for radio communications by emergency vehicles to central offices during a crisis.
  • High-speed fiber WiFi connectivity


The pumpkins are maintained 24 hour per day with 6000 gallons of water each which allows 12,000 gallons of water immediately available for extract by firefighting helicopters including the firefighting “Firehawks”. 69 Bravo has hopefully provided an invaluable resource in contributing greatly to the effective firefighting ability of the L.A.Co.F.D. for fighting fires in the Santa Monica and Malibu mountains communities.